What to give a hunter?

Hunting is not just a hobby; it’s a state of mind. True hunters spend almost all their free time pursuing this passion, so a gift for them should be carefully chosen. Below, we present a list of items that will surely be appreciated:


A hunter will find binoculars useful throughout the year, making it an ideal gift for occasions like New Year’s or any other celebration. Opt for a quality pair of binoculars, and if you’re unsure about the right choice, consult with a salesperson who can recommend the optimal model for hunting purposes.

Power Bank:

An indispensable item for hunters and fishermen who often venture into remote areas without access to civilization. Having a power bank is essential for charging phones, tablets, GPS devices, or other small electronics. Choose a model with a large capacity and compact size, ensuring it has compatible connectors for the hunter’s devices.

Hunting Thermal Underwear:

Quality hunting thermal underwear ensures that even if a hunter perspires during active hunting, they won’t feel cold. It quickly wicks away moisture from the body, preventing the skin from coming into contact with damp fabric. For winter hunting, opt for thicker thermal layers, preferably with a high percentage of camel hair in the fabric composition.

Gift Card for a Hunting Store:

A versatile gift option, as the recipient can choose what they prefer or what they need for their equipment. It’s an excellent choice when you’ve run out of gift ideas entirely. Make sure to select the gift card from a store trusted by the hunter.


A timeless classic that always comes in handy. A good-quality thermos is suitable for carrying hot drinks or meals during hunting trips, especially useful during long waits or stakeouts. In winter, it’s perfect for brewing hot tea, which becomes both delicious and aromatic.

Game Call:

There are various game calls available, such as those for geese, ducks, grouse, and even calls that imitate the distress cry of wounded prey to attract predators.

Camouflage Tape:

This practical and interesting gift will definitely be put to use. Camouflage tape is applied to weapons, knives, binoculars, and other equipment to help the hunter blend into the environment. It’s particularly helpful when hunting birds since they have sharp vision and can quickly spot poorly camouflaged hunters.

Ammunition Pouch:

Sure, a hunter probably already has one, but there are many different types available, so you can choose a suitable one. These pouches tend to wear out over time, so getting a new one will undoubtedly be appreciated.


A snowmobile is an excellent alternative to bulky and heavy snow vehicles. It can easily fit in the trunk and efficiently transport the hunter along with all their equipment. Compared to fuel-thirsty snowmobiles, a snowmobile is more fuel-efficient, which is a significant advantage. They belong to the category of small machinery, similar to cultivators, so they don’t require special licenses to operate. However, it’s important to note that using a snowmobile on public roads and highways is prohibited by law.

Ammunition Box:

This gift will be highly valued by any hunter. Transporting ammunition in a designated container, where it can be organized by type and load, is much more convenient than carrying it in a bag. It saves significant time when choosing the right cartridge for a specific situation.

When choosing a gift for a hunter, keep their preferences, needs, and the type of hunting they enjoy in mind. With the right choice, you’ll undoubtedly make their day and show your appreciation for their passion.


Something useful that increases shooting accuracy by 4-6 times, reducing the amplitude of vibrations when aiming. However, it’s essential to understand what type of firearm the shooter prefers. Rests are used for shooting from rifled weapons at medium and long distances. There are rests for shooting while standing and lying down, with adjustable height. Choose rests based on their weight – the lighter, the better – and reliability. Well-known manufacturers almost always guarantee quality.

Gun Cleaning Stand with Consumables

Certainly, the hunter already has a gun cleaning kit, but consumables need to be replaced constantly, so every shooter will be pleased with a supply of these items. And a gun cleaning stand will greatly ease the hunter’s life during the winter or in the wilderness.

Game Bag

This is a bag for carrying game that attaches to the hunter’s belt. For a gift, you can choose a more expensive model made of high-quality leather with embossing or personalized engraving.

Trail Camera

This device not only provides interesting and often funny shots of wildlife but also gives the hunter information about how often the desired game appears in a specific area. A quality trail camera can work autonomously for a long time, transmitting images directly to a designated device such as a smartphone or tablet.

GPS Navigator

Modern GPS navigators are very convenient for preparing for hunting. When a hunter scouts the area in advance to find animal trails, they can leave markers on the navigator, making it easier to set up blinds or stands.

Honing Rod

A knife-sharpening stone is an excellent gift for any hunter, as the knife is heavily used during hunting and periodically requires honing and sharpening. A quality honing rod will provide an ideal edge for a long time.

Waterproof Bag

Yes, this item is not only useful for fishermen or water sports enthusiasts but also has practical applications for hunting. This versatile item keeps contents dry, making it a great addition to a hunter’s gear, ensuring that ammunition and other items stay dry even in unexpected rain.

Hunting Vest

A universal gift, the size of which can be roughly estimated by eye. This item is also a consumable that wears out, so feel free to gift the chosen model. Such a vest stands out not only due to its numerous spacious pockets but also thanks to the conveniently located cartridge holder.

Self-Inflating Mat

A useful and convenient item, but it’s important to remember not to place such a mat directly on the bare ground, as it’s susceptible to mechanical damage. However, this mat will greatly help during winter camping or summer tenting.

Gadget Charger from the Campfire

Yes, such a wonder already exists and has been around for quite some time. The device is essentially a small stove that converts heat into energy, which can be used to charge a phone or navigator. There aren’t many options available, but it’s interesting, practical, and very original.

Catalytic Hand Warmer

A simple but much-needed item in winter. When hands are almost numb from the cold, a hand warmer will help warm up frozen fingers. It will come in handy not only during hunting but also during winter fishing and regular winter trips. It’s even useful in the city during winter.

Satellite tracker

A satellite tracker is a device that works even in areas where cellular network coverage is unavailable. With the help of a tracker, one can not only determine their location but also send their coordinates to a pre-set device in real-time. It offers the option to send “OK” and SOS signals. Daily “OK” signals with your coordinates can be sent, allowing your loved ones to see your location and know that everything is alright. In case of an emergency, the SOS signal is sent directly to the rescue service along with the coordinates. The tracker can work anywhere with an open sky, even in areas where satellite phones cannot establish a connection. This is because sending data packets through a tracker is much easier than broadcasting live via a satellite phone.

Gun Oil

This is always needed, and there’s never too much of it. It would be an excellent gift for a novice hunter. Try to choose a larger package, and you can also include gun cleaning supplies as part of the gift.

Waterproof Backpack Cover

Another item borrowed from hikers. But why would it be any worse for a hunter or fisherman? It doesn’t take up much space, but it significantly helps keep the contents of the backpack dry, especially ammunition and food. Such a cover can be purchased at any sports store. If you want a truly reliable item, skip the cheaper options. They are useful during short and mild rain showers, but if you plan on walking for a long time in heavy rain, they won’t be of much help. Choose models with polyurethane coating or silicone-treated materials.

Sitting Mat

An incredibly convenient item, especially in cold weather. For some reason, it’s not very popular, even though hunters often use it. So, if the hunter doesn’t have one, be sure to surprise them with this upgrade. The hunter’s sitting mat is waterproof and can be used as a blanket or sleeping bag. If you unzip it from the bottom, it becomes a full-fledged coat with a hood and sleeves. It will provide great comfort even during hours of sitting in the cold during a hunt. But be attentive, as hunters have noted that in the winter, it’s so warm and comfortable in the sitting mat that they might end up sleeping through the entire game.

Collimator Sight

Before purchasing this useful device, be sure to find out what type of weapon the hunter uses to choose the appropriate mounting. If you gift it blindly and the sight doesn’t fit without additional adaptations, you’ll be putting the person in unnecessary expenses. Write down the firearm model and specifications and take this information with you to choose the collimator sight. Don’t hesitate to ask the salesperson for advice, especially if you’re not familiar with hunting and firearms.

Muzzle Brake Compensator (DTC)

This is a specific item, and buying it requires knowledge of the brand, model, and specifications of the firearm it will be mounted on. So, follow the advice above – write down or take a photo of the weapon and head straight to the store consultant. They can surely find a good option for you.


This type of gift can only be given by a hunting buddy, as purchasing ammunition might require showing a firearms license. And if you go hunting together, then you’ll likely be giving the right ammunition the hunter needs. For those who have no connection to hunting and firearms, it’s best to consult with the store staff. If all other options are exhausted, go for a gift certificate.

Swiss Army Knife by VICTORINOX

A sophisticated gift that will suit any man, regardless of his occupation. But for a hunter, it will be used much more frequently. There are numerous knife varieties to choose from; make your decision based on a general understanding of what a man needs in the field.

Warm Buff

A convenient and functional item that will be used not only while hunting but also in everyday life. It can serve as both a scarf and a hat, comfortably covering the neck and even pulling up to the eyes to protect the face from biting snow and piercing winds.

Custom Painting from a Photograph

It would be great if you have a photograph of the hunter with their most significant trophy – a painting based on such a photo will undoubtedly be appreciated and take a special place in their home.

Action Camera

This pleasure is not only for teenagers. Why not attach a camera to a cap before going hunting? Who knows, maybe today the most significant trophy will be taken? Some hunters mount the camera directly to their firearm, but we do not recommend it since, in an emergency when it’s necessary to react quickly and take an accurate shot at game, the camera may hinder movements and cause issues. The optimal camera position is on the head; there are plenty of convenient mounts available, and don’t forget to include them in your gift.

These are just some examples, though not an exhaustive list of things that your husband, father, brother, or friend will undoubtedly appreciate. You can supplement this list with options from your own experience. Before purchasing a gift, be sure to find out the type of hunting the person enjoys. Only buy branded, high-quality gifts, so they won’t let the hunter down when they need them the most. If you can’t decide on a gift, talk to the hunter’s close friends who are also into hunting – they likely know what he needs to be fully happy.

Hunting socks

You can give hunting socks as a gift, depending on the season, and you will never go wrong.

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