What To Do If Someone You Love Has Experienced Traumatic Brain Injuries In An Accident?

When someone you love has been in an accident that resulted in traumatic brain injuries, you might be feeling lost. Coping with a sudden shock can be very difficult. If your loved one was injured because of someone’s negligence or fault, then you should not just sit quietly. Your loved one and you deserve compensation for the pain and financial shock you had to witness. 

If the personal injury occurred in Albuquerque NM, for example, you should immediately hire a personal injury lawyer albuquerque nm to prepare for a lawsuit. Here is everything you should know about this situation and how you can get justice for your loved one and yourself. 

  • Seek Immediate Medical Attention

The first step to take immediately after the accident would be to call for professional medical help. You should not wait for the police or any insurance coverage to kick in. When your loved one has faced a serious brain injury, time is of the essence. 

Sometimes, the symptoms of a brain injury may not be apparent at the moment. However, with a comprehensive medical checkup, it can be diagnosed at an early stage and necessary precautions can be taken to avoid serious circumstances. 

  • Document The Entire Process 

You should make sure that you document the entire accident process so that you can use it as evidence later on for the lawsuit. 

You should make sure that you take enough pictures of the site of the accident. Write down the location and time of the accident. Get important information about the at-fault party such as their name, phone number, and social security number along with their insurance information. 

  • Report To The Authorities 

You should not take matters into your own hands. Make sure that you report the accident to the law enforcement authorities in the jurisdiction of the accident.

This report can be a strong support for your lawsuit, therefore, make sure that you preserve a copy of the police report with your documents. 

  • Keep The Evidence Safe

You should make sure that you are preserving all the evidence related to the accident that can help you pursue the personal injury case. 

You should have all the documents from the medical expenses, doctor’s prescription and treatment suggestions, police reports, and other important documentation related to the case.

  • Consult Legal Help

It is crucial to have legal help if you want to pursue a personal injury case. For instance, if the accident occurred in High Point NC, make sure that you hire a credible personal injury lawyer high point nc for the case. 

Hiring legal help can ensure that you are aware of your legal rights. If the at-fault party is influential, they might want to settle things out of court. Make sure that your lawyers help you get fair compensation, otherwise, you should proceed with the lawsuit.

  • Consider Long-Term Effects 

You should not avoid the long-term effects of the brain injury on your loved one and the family as a whole. Brain Injuries may require expensive treatments and medication. 

You should stay informed about the progress in treatments and you should follow the doctor’s recommendation to ensure complete recovery

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