Virat Kohli Test Centuries: A Record-Breaking Journey

Since 2008 when Virat Kohli stepped into the world of international cricket, he has crossed a lot of milestones and become a legendary player around the globe. Today everyone is celebrating his stunning 76th century in all formats of the game against West Indies in the 2nd test match played at Queen’s Park Oval in Port of Spain.

Playing in his 500th match he has achieved his 29th test century and touched the score of the legendary batsman Donald Bradman. 

Cricket fans are more eager to know virat kohli total centuries in all format. He struck in the 2nd test against west indies and showed his marvelous batting prowess to set the milestone. By giving an iconic performance in the 2nd test against west indies on 21 July, 2023 he has scored 129 runs off juist 104 balls and gained the crown of match winner.

Virat Kohli Test Centuries

By giving an extraordinary performance Virat Kohli has fetched a stunning score of 76 test centuries next to the legendary player Sachin Tendulkar who has set a milestone of 100 centuries in all three formats of the game. 

On getting the magnificent feat Virat embraces the co-player Ravindra Jadeja and showed his bat up to cheer the fans.

Setting fire to the crease Virat Kohli has the potential to break the record of Sachin Tendulkar.

The legend Sachin Tendulkar has had an extraordinary feat of 100 centuries in his cricket career. Scoring in just 25 more, Virat can break the marvelous records of Sachin Tendulkar 

In addition, Virat has achieved 7 stunning double centuries in Test cricket and stands out from the crowd. In the year 2019 when he knocked an unbeaten 254 against South Africa among his ravishing performances that makes India to score above 600 that led to th win by an innings and 1367 runs.

After a 2 years gap, Virat is now back with his best and achieving 100s consistently in various International matches. When it comes to knowing virat kohli total centuries in all format, he achieved a total of 76 centuries in all near to Sachin’s 100 Centuries.

By scoring a large pile of runs, he not only made his individual records but also contributed to the nation establishing the Indian cricket team at the top of the world.

Apart from his several milestones, the number of kohli t20 century is one which is gained against Afghanistan on 8 September 2022 in Dubai.

To hit Sir Brdaman’s record is not so simple task , it is considered untouched for several years that Virat Kohli nas bagged in his book of world records in such a short time period.. No wonder Virat kohli achieved such a wonderful score with his consistency, skill and dedication.

With a score of 12898 Virat is about to cross the 13K mark set by Sachin Tendulakar. Virat has achieved this core in 265 innings while Sachin has achuieved the milestone in 321 matches.

The list of virat kohli total centuries in all format, includes four centuries in the world cup, four in Champions Trophy and one in the T20 World Cup.

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