Valuable Insights to Keep in Mind When It Comes to Construction Recruitment

Your construction company must stand out from the rest of the competition. This is one way of attracting new workers. The thing is there are valuable insights you can keep in mind giving you an edge in the present time’s hiring market. 

The construction industry demands more workers and that also includes your construction business. Thus, in this case, construction companies must be creative in the recruiting strategies they follow to stay competitive. 

Below are some valuable insights to keep in mind when it comes to Con Tec recruitment

Showcase Your Present and Previous Projects

Construction workers are taking great pride in the projects they are supporting. If you show some passion in your projects sparking interest in a company, then do so. Inspire them more to apply for more open roles. 

Showcase your work by using job postings. Provide the website link or even a portfolio highlighting the most notable projects. This will provide prospective applicants with an even better idea of the project types they will work on. The same is true with the impact they can bring on communities where you will be working. 

Upon creating a project portfolio, ensure to include clear descriptions and captions for every project. Use time-lapsed videos or pictures that depict the development of a project showing the passion and care that goes into each job. Share the best work possible with candidates. This way, they will better understand that the construction company you manage is the best among the rest.

Advertise Your Training and Career Growth Opportunities

Show applicants the fullest potential as they take part in Con Tec recruitment. Your company and in part Con Tec recruitment should promise future growth in a career. But then, the survey would also note thirty-one percent of the present workforce considerleaving jobs due to very rare opportunities. 

You have to offer career development opportunities and training and promote them as part of the recruiting materials. This will in any way, attract job seekers to join your company. Re-skilling and up-skilling programs would provide workers with the needed tools for advancing their careers. Moreover, these would also provide better project support. These programs will show candidates you invested in career development. Despite the learning opportunities you are offering, they could serve as a deciding factor for those in search of construction jobs.

Provide Incentives and Perks Supporting a Workforce

While assessing the efforts you make for construction recruiting, bear in mind as well as potential employees search for some specific perks in the job descriptions. Offer the following things in mind in staying competitive.

The first one would be flexible scheduling which is among the reasons why workers are leaving their jobs in previous years. This is due to the poor balance between work and life. Flexible scheduling would help you in communicating your care about their well-being as workers. Thus, they will value their commitment to your company.

Moreover, includes recognition programs and many more incentives. There are lots of programs giving recognition to employees as prizes for workers going above and beyond. There is a reward wherein skilled tradespeople are rewarded for their hard work. Whether it be free food, gift cards and crew happy hours, any of which will inspire loyalty and show that you care that much. 

Get in Partnership with Con Tec Recruitment

This is another good idea partnering with Con Tec Recruitment for more support. Attract the most suitable workers for your company in the construction business. This might take a huge deal of resources and time. That is when most companies would utilize construction staffing services in filling their open roles. With Con Tec Recruitment, they can search for workers with the right experience and skills. They have established a local relationship and have the needed knowledge in advertising job postings. That way, people will get excited more about your projects. You will be impressed with the benefits as you work with the construction recruitment experts. 

Make the Process of Applying Easier for the Prospective Employees

The hiring process must be made easy for the prospective candidates. This way, not just anyone would apply to it. You would be helping qualified candidates by simplifying the process as the job is made available. If needed, extend the office hours during the morning, plus evening hours. Establish a dedicated customer service person and phone line to answer calls, live chats, and emails regarding your openings. 

Ask for Referrals from Current Employees

Give incentives to current employees as they bring referrals for the job candidates. Employees may also know others around and may want to enter the field. They’d love it to join the construction business. You could establish a prize so they could bring more qualified candidates. Provide more bonus prizes to employees referring a candidate that gets hired for your company. 

Shout Out on the social media

Make use of social media channels in effective manner to spread the word regarding job openings. It can be easy and simple to search for construction employees without the much-needed work. Put a link to the career page of your website as to the job posting. There must be a short job description including a blurb enticing people to apply. This can include a short phrase that mentions the benefits package

Phone Call Former Employees

It’s the former employees that will come back to your company. If they have left in such a good rep, you will also not know if you do not get in contact with them. Give them a phone call to your former employees and allow them to learn about your opening. Invite them more to come back. Let them become more aware of the possible changes like an increase in the hourly wage. Or, provide them with a more improved bonus structure influencing their decision. 

Search for construction employees for your construction business in the simple and easy way possible. Also, seek help from Con Tec recruitment to help you in hunting down the best possible candidates for construction jobs!

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