SecureKin App: Best Monitoring App For Kids

Securekin App, Ensuring kid’s safety, security, and, most importantly, sanity is essential in this digital age. Nothing can work best instead of a monitoring tool, such as a parental control app. Those who are familiar with the concept will know how this type of tool can make your life easy and stress-free. Those new are welcome to the club as we are here to review one of the best apps offered as parental control. The SecureKin app is the full package for all new users as well as others, as the app offers all types of basic and advanced features.

Real-Time Location

Real-time location, as the name suggests, offers real-time information about the live location of the kids. Kids who are obsessive about assuring the safety of their kid can use the feature to know about the real-time location and follow them around at any given time virtually. The feature gives real peace of mind to those parents who want to know about the exact location of their kid all the time but also want to maintain the cool parent’s image as well.


Web filtering is a popular tool to eliminate all the negativity from the kid’s life. The web-filtering feature allows parents to block unwanted or useless content from their kids’ devices. Make your life trouble-free by using the web-filtering feature.

Browsing History

The browsing history feature keeps a record of all the web browsing history of the kids. It is a big step as most of the time, the kids are sent online, and it isn’t easy to know about online activities with digital methods. Get the app, and you will know about digital preferences and mold them around by using the web-filtering feature.

Screen Time

Screen time tells everything about how the kids are spending time online. Whether they are busy browsing social media accounts or playing addicting or violent online games, in any case, parents can find out about things. They can have open and transparent communication with the kids about the issue.

Activity Report

There is an alternative solution for parents who are too busy to enjoy the real-time notification service. The activity report details the kid’s screen time and gadget activities. You can find anything triggering or suspicious and take necessary action immediately.

App Block

The app block function allows the parent to block any unwanted app as they want. All you need to do is install the app on the kid’s device when you can access it. Then, you can remotely block stuff from the kid’s device without letting them know.

Location History

The SecureKin app saves the movement and location history of the kids for the parents as well. They can know the places the kids frequently visit and learn about them with the app’s help. This type of information can be useful in any unforeseen situation or circumstances.


Keylogger or keystroke logging feature saves the keypad record of the kid’s smart gadget. Any keystroke applied don the device, including text, search bar history, social media status, account ID details, and even credentials, are saved by the keystroke logging feature of the app.

User Reviews:

Parents have nothing but good things to say about the experience with the SecureKin app.

Kate: “I was not sure about the app, so I started with the most basic package, but when I experienced the services of the app, I immediately switched to the yearly bundle.”

John: “I tried so many ways to get into the social media account of my daughter but failed. But with the screen monitoring feature, I was able to do it secretly.”

Alex: “My wife worries a lot about the kid’s safety and security after recent incidents in the neighborhood. But with the location tracking feature, I was able to calm her down as now she can track the kids at any given time.

Pros and Cons:

The app no doubt offers all the basic features parents require to survive in the digital age. With the ease of use and economical bundle, the app is undoubtedly the best choice. But too much dependence can make things a little worrisome for parents and kids.

With many parental control apps available in the market, it is difficult  It is highly recommended to visit the official website of SecureKin to get a better glimpse of its features, making it one of the best parental control apps available in the market.

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