Ruby Gemstone – A Complete Guide on Who Should Wear and How?

The ruby is one of the most powerful gemstones on earth. According to Vedic astrology, ruby is the first of the nine most potent gemstones on earth, most well-liked, and endearing as well.

Ruby, also known as “Manik” in Hindi is prized for its intense red hue. Because of its astrological significance, it is very valuable and is constantly in demand.

It is one of the strongest and rarest gemstones on earth and due to its beauty, it is mostly worn as jewelry. Also, it is the most popular option for those seeking authority and power.

In ancient times, to maintain their authority, leaders, and kings used this stone. The belief in this gemstone has not changed even in the modern world.

Cause of this power this stone is believed to contain and provide to its wearer it is also called the King of Gemstones. So, before wearing the ruby it is essential to know who should wear it and how to wear it properly.

Who Should Wear Ruby (Manik) Gemstone?

An Original Ruby stone is like a red hot glowing Sun as the Sun is its governing planet.

Anyone who has the malefic effect of the Sun in their birth chart is advised to wear a ruby stone since it will counteract this negativity. Indeed, the energy flow of the stone will increase in you the qualities of the sun. Being the astrological ruling planet of the Ruby gemstone, the effects of the Sun will bring you positivity and warmth, and fierceness.

Additionally, people who are born under the sign of Aries can also wear a Manik gemstone. They are frequently advised to wear ruby since the sun is known for its uniqueness and tenacity. Aries people are typically strong and brave by nature. They are thought to be helped by ruby to restrain their aggressiveness, maintain equilibrium, and focus their viciousness in the proper way.

If you also wish to wear a Ruby stone, we would advise you to consult a professional astrologer who can examine your birth chart and determine whether the Manik stone is appropriate and friendly for you.

How to Wear a Ruby Gemstone?

In order to get all the benefits of Manik stone, the first and foremost important thing is that you ask your astrologer the weight of the stone you should wear.

Now, to activate the powers of Ruby Gem, the best day and time is the early morning hours of a Sunday. And the most auspicious metal to wear this gem in is copper or gold.

The Vedic Pooja process of the Ruby Wake up early in the morning, take a bath, and after your daily worship, sit in your worship house with your ruby stone. Take a metal bowl, place the ruby in it, and purify it with ‘Panchamrit’ (a mixture of five things – milk, curd, sugar, honey, and ghee) or Gangajal.

Repeat the mantra mentioned below 108 times and after you recite it for the last time, clean the gemstone with lukewarm water and wear it.

“Om Hree Shum Suryaya Namah”

Keep in mind that you should wear ruby in such a way that a part of it always touches your skin.

Price of Ruby (Manik) Gemstone

The price of a Manik Stone in India is quite high. Due to their beauty and the demand of the best quality products in the market, the ruby stone price starts from a good range of INR 550 per carat.

Considerations for buying a high-quality ruby include its cut, color, clarity, and origin. Consequently, you should also take the ruby stone’s weight into account. All these aspects rises the price of the stones and so the price can go as high as INR 50000 per carat.

If you are considering buying the blood-red ruby stone, it is crucial to pick a gem that will provide you with its full effect. And so you should purchase the stone from a trustable source.

Summing Up

Given the sparkling glossy transparent red color of the ruby and its high demand as a gem, original Manik stones are frequently used in jewelry. However, the gemstone’s astrological significance according to Vedic astrology makes it far more valuable.

Being the birthstone for July borns, the ruby stone is said to bestow on its possessor beauty, mystique, and other physical beneficial qualities as well.

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