Reason You Must Visit Hamburg Right Now

If you wish to visit Germany, Hamburg is a better option than Berlin. Why Hamburg, you may wonder? As someone who has lived in Germany’s second-largest city for many years. I can affirm that it is far prettier and more intriguing, thanks to its distinct marine character. It’s a lovely city created by the Elbe River and the Alster Lake – and who doesn’t love water?

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City Center for a Walk

There is no doubt that there are many great attractions to see in Hamburg. Downtown Hamburg, in particular, is worth the effort. The most well-known landmark in Hamburg is the Speicherstadt, a UNESCO World Heritage site. It’s a historic warehouse district with great views and photo opportunities. To get the greatest photographs in Speicherstadt. Position yourself on one of the bridges and wait for the perfect light.

The beautiful red-brick buildings offer much-needed colour to this overcast. And rainy city, and can even add a reddish hue to the river. Don’t forget to visit Hamburg’s five main churches while you’re in the city centre. These Lutheran churches are visible and among the most recognisable sites in Hamburg.

Alster Boat Trip

I should start by saying that I loathe being on boats. But, Hamburg’s canals are vital to the city. And taking one of the many cruises is the greatest way to discover more about the city’s personality. The Alster itself is one of Hamburg’s top attractions. Small cruise boats are especially popular with inhabitants and for events. Because they provide a pleasant opportunity to escape the city without leaving the centre. They all leave from Jungfernstieg, but you must determine which route you want to travel because there are several.


Although gentrification is an important topic here. This neighbourhood is a must-see for anybody visiting Hamburg. The architecture of the Schanzenviertel is very lovely, with several neoclassical structures. The Rote Flora, a squatted house and former theatre, is the most well-known structure. While it may not be on every person’s bucket list of suggestions to do in Hamburg. It’s worth a look if you have previously been intrigued by the progressive struggle. However, you may still have a great time here and enjoy the ethnic ambiance of the neighbourhood.

City’s Architecture

Despite significant bombing during WWII, several of Hamburg’s classic buildings have survived. The development of modern structures in recent years has resulted in a unique blend of new and historic architecture in the city. Hamburg, as a merchant city, is devoid of palaces. But, the men who made their money through trade still desired to have this represented in their homes. The City Hall is Hamburg’s most famous structure. You are invited to visit and perhaps participate in a guided tour.


Bremen is Northern the nation’s second-biggest city, most recognised for the Grimm children’s book The City and its Musicians of Bremen. A statue of them stands close to City Hall. Bremen is about an hour’s train ride from Hamburg and is well worth a visit. The City Hall and Roland statue are UNESCO World Heritage sites. While the city centre is small enough for a pleasant promenade.

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The fact that Sylt is the most costly German island should not deter you from visiting this stunning North Sea location. Given that the train travel takes 3.5 hours. You should leave early to spend more time on Sylt’s primary feature, its beaches. Of course, it is ideal to schedule a vacation to Sylt on a sunny day. While the weather might not have been sufficiently warm for swimming. The cliffs and dunes are spectacular and well worth seeing during a day trip to Sylt.

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