Quick Tips to Improve Linksys WiFi Router Security

Worried about the security of your home WiFi network after listening to stories of multiple ones getting hacked? Fret not! Your WiFi network won’t even get touched if you take the aid of the troubleshooting tactics given in the post. For reference and ease of implementation, we are using a Linksys smart WiFi router. You are free to implement these tips on your WiFi router.

But, before starting, you need to be familiar with the default details of your WiFi router. As the linksyssmartwifi setup URL belongs to the Linksys router, you are suggested to note down the one that belongs to your product.

Apart from this, take notes of the default password, username, and IP address of your wireless router. IP needs to be noted down just in case the default web URL denies working for you. Once done, follow the tips given below.

How to Improve Linksys WiFi Router Security?


  • Aim for the Proper Placement

The first thing you are supposed to do is make changes to the placement of your WiFi router. You must know that the location of your wireless router decides whether it will perform better or not. Thus, you have to be choosy while picking one. The location of your Linksys smart WiFi router needs to be a central one, well-cleaned and airy. If the router is placed at the central location, its signals won’t get spread unevenly.

Your WiFi router must not be given a location where it experiences WiFi interference. To be very specific, do not place the WiFi router near microwave ovens, televisions, refrigerators, Bluetooth speakers, cellular phones, etc. You should also look forward to placing your WiFi router away from reflexive surfaces, metal objects, and objects that contain a large amount of water.

  • Upgrade the Firmware

Do you know the importance of updating the firmware of your WiFi router? Well, if you keep the router equipped with the newest available firmware version, then not only its security improve but its performance will improve. Therefore, you should never ignore updating the firmware of your wireless router.

To update your Linksys smart WiFi router, you are suggested to access the default login URL on an updated web browser. The device used for the process should be connected to the router, however. On the web-based management panel of the router, find the Firmware Upgrade option and see if your router really needs an update. If yes, then walking through on-screen instructions is recommended. The hack of performing a firmware update is also applicable if you have done a Linksys RE6300 setup.

  • Change the Admin Password

Changing the administration password of the router can also help you improve network security. It is because if you keep your router running on the default password i.e. admin, then the chances of your router’s settings getting manipulated by an unauthorized user increase. So, don’t wait and change the admin password of the router.

To change the router’s administration password, access the login portal again and reach the management panel using the default password. After reaching there, locate the Administration option and find Change Password. Enter the password value you want your Linksys device to have in the given field. You will also be asked to confirm it. Save the changes and log out of the router. You are now suggested to use the updated password for the WiFi router login process.

To Sum Up

The security of the home network has been a great discussion for years. Mentioning and explaining all the hacks in the same post seems difficult sometimes. But, we will provide you with two more techniques that can be implemented after logging in to the WiFi router. The first technique requires you to change the WiFi password of the router whereas the second technique is nothing but setting up a MAC filter. With this, you can block the devices that are using the extender’s internet without your permission.

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