Nothing Phone 2: The new phone to beat in 2023

The Nothing Phone 2 is stylish for people who want their tech to stand out. You won’t be more focused or motivated because of it. It has a great battery life; for many people, a single charge could last up to two days. It can be charged with up to 45 W of power through USB-C. Here discusses everything about Nothing Phone

Design for Nothing Phone 2

The overall appearance of the devices has mostly stayed the same since the initial generation. The rear is still transparent, so you can see the screw heads and other internal components that hold the phone together.

  • Slightly rounded glass edges give the impression of higher quality in the hand. The pulsating lights, or “glyphs” as Nothing calls them, are the most obvious indicator of their connection.
  • Backlit LEDs signal the arrival of incoming calls and texts by lighting up the phone’s rear.
  • We can be utilized as alerts, battery levels, or simple fill lights for video capture. The new Phone 2 lets you personalize the glyph’s lighting for specific contacts or applications. In addition, there is a glyph timer that gradually winds down to zero.
  • You may put it down and do your hair while keeping an eye on it because it can also provide you with a visual signal about other time-related activities, such as when your Uber will come.
  • It must be indicated that it can share its functionality with other apps. Differentiating itself from other phones, the first one had glyph lights. Even if we are just a gimmick, seeing some creativity and flair in the mobile phone industry is wonderful.

Creative designs sometimes take second place in midrange phones like this one to keep costs down. Do you want to check this design on your own? Head to The Prime Mobiles and Gadgets, a reputed Nothing Mobile Store in Kolkata.

Features of Nothing Phone 2:

Nothing introduced the premium smartphone Nothing Phone 2 in July 2023.

  • It boasts a 6.7-inch OLED screen with a 120Hz refresh rate, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 engine, and 128GB, 256GB, or 512GB of storage space in addition to 8GB or 12GB of RAM.
  • The gadget has a 50MP rear-facing dual-camera configuration in addition to a 32MP front-facing camera.
  • Inside is Android 13. It contains a 5000mAh battery and a 45W quick charger. A strong smartphone with a distinctive look and durable hardware is the Nothing Phone 2.

For those who desire one, this high-end smartphone is fashionable and ideal.

Display of Nothing Phone 2:

  • The 6.7-inch OLED display of the Nothing Phone 2 has a maximum brightness of 1600 nits and a resolution of 1080 x 2412. The LTPO panel it uses allows for a refresh rate of 120 hertz.
  • This implies that the refresh rate can be adjusted according to the displayed content, which can benefit battery life. HDR10+ certification ensures that the display can display HDR content with faithful colors and contrast.
  • The Nothing Phone 2 has a fantastic display in all respects. It’s fast to update, colorful, and lively.
  • Using less energy is another benefit of the LTPO panel.

If the quality of your future smartphone’s display is a top priority, consider upgrading to the Nothing Phone 2.


  • The front-facing camera on the Phone 2 is 32 megapixels, and the back cameras are 50 megapixels.
  • Each camera lens on this phone is an improvement over its predecessor.
  • Images captured by the main or wide-angle camera are high quality and well-balanced in bright light.
  • However, when viewed at full size, images lack crispness and detail. When the lighting is poor, moving objects appear blurry, and the smoothing effect is overdone.
  • This phone has no optical or digital zoom, and the camera is underwhelming. The video quality was respectable for the price, and there were some fun extras to play with, such as slow-motion recording at up to 480 frames per second.
  • While the Phone 2’s camera is generally capable, it cannot compete with the cheaper Google Pixel 7.

Software and Performance of Nothing Phone 2:

Naturally, this smartphone places a heavy emphasis on its software. The Nothing phone (2) ships with the most recent version of Nothing OS, and, as we said above, you may switch it to monochrome mode to avoid the saturation of colors in your apps. You’re free to choose any aesthetic you wish for your device, but one of the things that initially appealed to us about Nothing OS was how it emphasized simplicity and understatement.

  • Three years of Android upgrades
  • Android 13 and the Nothing OS 2.0

Again, the smartphone stands out from the crowd among Android phones thanks to its wide variety of intriguing widgets, many of which have Nothing’s signature dot matrix style. Use Only Nothing’s Widgets for a Sleek, Minimalist Look.


Cheap Mobile Store Kolkata Nothing 2 phone’s performance, battery life, and distinctive Glyph Interface. This phone’s design, display, user interface, and customization choices are further strong points. But it lacks the camera quality of a modern flagship device. The major drawback of this product is the camera’s subpar performance, especially in low light.

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