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Modder Reduces GDDR6X Temps by 46C With Copper Cooling

Modder Reduces GDDR6X Temps by 46C With Copper Cooling

GDDR6X video clip memory is recognised to run notoriously hot on Nvidia’s newest RTX 30-collection graphics playing cards. Even though these are some of the best gaming GPUs on the marketplace, the high memory temps have been an ongoing problem. Hardware modder and YouTuber DandyWorks recently shared a new online video, displaying how a memory cooling modification involving copper shims as a replacement for thermal pads, and the gains are critically extraordinary.

The mod was equipped to minimize the GDDR6X temperatures on an Asus TUF RTX 3070 Ti by a whopping 46 degrees Celsius, from 110C to 64C. Even though that’s an incredible advancement by just swapping out thermal pads for copper, the procedure is instead complicated. If you are fascinated in accomplishing the mod by yourself, be ready to place in a honest volume of work. Also take note that the Asus TUF GPUs are known to have comparatively weak GDDR6X cooling, so the gains could not be as considerable with other RTX 30-series cards.

Dandy displays that the mod for his specially card requires three factors: copper shims, non-conductive Kapton tape, and thermal paste with an applicator. Furthermore, you could need to have 400 grit sandpaper for smoothing out the copper shims.

The copper shims should really be .2mm thinner than the sizing of the thermal pads to do the job thoroughly. All over again, some experimentation could be necessary, based on your unique card. If your graphics card uses a individual chilly plate for cooling the memory, you might be able to get absent with marginally thicker copper shims that are the exact same measurement as the thermal pads.

DandyWorks' RTX 3070 Ti Copper Shim G6X Cooling Mod

(Graphic credit history: YouTube – DandyWorks)

You will have to have to search on the web or dismantle your graphics card to see which process of cooling it works by using. If not, the simple approach will be identical, no matter of your specific GPU.

You get rid of the cooler from the graphics card, substitute the thermal pads on the GDDR6X (or other) memory modules with copper shims sandwiched in-involving thermal paste — really don’t use too considerably or far too small. You can expect to also want to place layers of Kapton tape all about each individual module to be certain a short will not occur, as that can destroy the graphics card.

GDDR6X Copper Cooling Success

(Impression credit history: YouTube – DandyWorks)

Just after the mod was complete, Dandy fired up T-Rex, a cryptocurrency mining application for Nvidia GPUs, and ran it for around two and a fifty percent several hours. Success showed the memory temps running at an extraordinary 64C, which is a 46C fall from the card’s unique temperature of 110C with the stock thermal pads.

If you have an RTX 30-series card that is operating borderline temps of 106C–110C on the GDDR6X modules, this mod could be advantageous to you. Decreasing memory temps will give the memory extra overclocking headroom, and which is helpful for gaming as perfectly as mining purposes. It really should also make improvements to the lifespan of your card. While Nvidia costs the memory for up to 110C, many are involved that playing cards will not likely last a lot more than a few decades if they regularly run at these types of significant temperatures.