Modder Reduces GDDR6X Temps by 46C With Copper Cooling

GDDR6X video clip reminiscence is recognised to run notoriously sizzling on Nvidia’s latest RTX 30-collection graphics enjoying playing cards. Despite the fact that these are a few of the finest gaming GPUs on {the marketplace}, the excessive reminiscence temps have been an ongoing drawback. {Hardware} modder and YouTuber DandyWorks lately shared a brand new on-line video, displaying how a reminiscence cooling modification involving copper shims as a substitute for thermal pads, and the beneficial properties are critically extraordinary.

The mod was outfitted to attenuate the GDDR6X temperatures on an Asus TUF RTX 3070 Ti by a whopping 46 levels Celsius, from 110C to 64C. Despite the fact that that is an unimaginable development by simply swapping out thermal pads for copper, the process is as an alternative sophisticated. If you’re fascinated in conducting the mod by your self, be prepared to position in a sincere quantity of labor. Additionally take be aware that the Asus TUF GPUs are identified to have comparatively weak GDDR6X cooling, so the beneficial properties couldn’t be as appreciable with different RTX 30-series playing cards.

Dandy shows that the mod for his specifically card requires three components: copper shims, non-conductive Kapton tape, and thermal paste with an applicator. Moreover, you can have to have 400 grit sandpaper for smoothing out the copper shims.

The copper shims ought to actually be .2mm thinner than the sizing of the thermal pads to do the job totally. Once more, some experimentation could possibly be essential, based mostly in your distinctive card. In case your graphics card makes use of a particular person chilly plate for cooling the reminiscence, you may be capable of get absent with marginally thicker copper shims which are the very same measurement because the thermal pads.

Modder Reduces GDDR6X Temps by 46C With Copper Cooling

(Graphic credit score historical past: YouTube – DandyWorks)

You’ll have to have to go looking on the internet or dismantle your graphics card to see which technique of cooling it really works through the use of. If not, the easy method will likely be an identical, regardless of of your particular GPU.

You do away with the cooler from the graphics card, substitute the thermal pads on the GDDR6X (or different) reminiscence modules with copper shims sandwiched in-involving thermal paste — actually do not use too significantly or far too small. You may anticipate to additionally need to place layers of Kapton tape all about every particular person module to make sure a brief won’t happen, as that may destroy the graphics card.

GDDR6X Copper Cooling Success

(Impression credit score historical past: YouTube – DandyWorks)

Simply after the mod was full, Dandy fired up T-Rex, a cryptocurrency mining utility for Nvidia GPUs, and ran it for round two and a fifty % a number of hours. Success confirmed the reminiscence temps working at a rare 64C, which is a 46C fall from the cardboard’s distinctive temperature of 110C with the inventory thermal pads.

If in case you have an RTX 30-series card that’s working borderline temps of 106C–110C on the GDDR6X modules, this mod could possibly be advantageous to you. Lowering reminiscence temps will give the reminiscence further overclocking headroom, and which is useful for gaming as completely as mining functions. It actually must also make enhancements to the lifespan of your card. Whereas Nvidia prices the reminiscence for as much as 110C, many are concerned that enjoying playing cards won’t probably final so much various many years in the event that they usually run at these kind of important temperatures.