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Konn Technologies, the jordanian start-up which disrupts the construction market in MENA

Konn Technologies, the jordanian start-up which disrupts the construction market in MENA

Why did you determine to start Konn? And what is distinctive about it?

The primary issue in construction which is not only in Jordan but shared globally is that most projects commence with a sure structure, budget and time, and additional than 90% of them around the world neither adhere to the spending budget, time or good quality envisioned. We even have a declaring in construction that says that every single building is a prototype. Visualize if each individual particular person who needs to acquire a vehicle, would ask for a new style! There would be a significant quantity of flaws simply because none of them would have been tested, tried or permitted upon. And the only way to do that is via modularisation and industrialisation. Bassem, my husband or wife and I were functioning in our have architecture organization UA when we started off to take a look at the thought of modular residences. We began to experiment with it until eventually we launched a new business known as Konn systems in 2020. We now do prefabricated and modular homes made in Jordan to serve the place and also the MENA area.

What are the key attributes of modularization?

With industrialisation, you can style and design a dwelling like a product, so you take a look at all elements, prototype them, try out them out, boost, just before offering the merchandise to people. Rather of working on site, we build houses offsite in factories as components and we transfer them to the website in which we assemble it like a lego. In this way, I am confident that just about every component is completed the right way. Persons do have various needs but 80% of them are really normal and 20% only are about personalisation. At Konn, our properties are made with common designs that realize the needs of people dwelling in this aspect of the environment, and enable some customization things. We have 5 home styles of unique sizes and every a person of them occur with distinctive themes and customization. You can see on the web site that you can get your home sent within just 8 months in your land. They are also sustainable and eco-friendly, created in accordance to green developing requirements, have more than 50% fewer waste of conventional constructions and consume 70% fewer strength ?

What are the major issues in Jordan in building?

The strategy of offsite setting up and delivering onsite is incredibly new right here, even if it has been all-around the entire world for some time. Also, we use precast concrete which is an immature industry in the state, so we experienced to find out and train our lover to do it. We experienced to establish the product and merge world wide expertise with world wide know-how and abilities. We also had to increase consciousness about modular properties and to demonstrate that they help you save electrical power, time and sources for the reason that they are additional sustainable.


Konn Technologies, the jordanian start-up which disrupts the construction market in MENA

Basel and Basma Uraiqat, co-founders of Konn Technologies


I have also read through on your linkedIn webpage that you are seeking for non common architects. What does that imply?

The design industry is a extremely common one in common, and can be incredibly disconnected to other industries which are a lot more technology innovative like finance, advertising or manufacturing.. What we consider to establish is a pretty multidisciplinary tactic. We have to style and design households like automobiles, to promote them like solutions and manufacture them like objects, right before marketing them on line. This calls for a lot of interdisciplinary operate and architects who are extremely arms-on and understand how each element is created and assembled so they can design and style it correctly.
Right now, most architects are utilised to place of work get the job done the place they do lovely items and deliver amazing joints, and contractors have to deal with reality but have no important watch on how to strengthen points so there is a massive sillo concerning them. What we search for is a combination of design vision and encounter hands-on and desire on how things operate, how you set a pipe in the earth, from the tiniest element to the most significant a single.

What are the key troubles of building in the area for the long term?

This component of the planet is going through substantial inhabitants advancement, the require for housing is raising working day by day and there is a housing crisis that is in the formation. In the upcoming 10 several years, tens of millions and thousands and thousands of properties will be necessary in our location, so the require for a excellent, rapid, sustainable answer is vital.The principal challenge is that socio-economic real situations limit the buying energy of individuals and their capability to go and make lifetime options freely. Which is a contradicting trouble.
We want to occur up with a thing very good, reasonably priced and that can be carried out rapidly.