Knicks’ Tom Thibodeau moving past Julius Randle’s computer knocking

Knicks forward Julius Randle defined to New York fanatics to close the f*** up with a thumbs down.

With the Knicks participating in in Los Angeles, Randle situated a various useful fireplace foe.

In New York’s decline to the Lakers on Saturday, Randle pushed away the pc of Knicks “Director, Video/Analytics/Participant Growth Assistant” Scott King on the sideline. Randle and King jawed again once more and forth, and Randle obtained in King’s cope with:

When Randle apologized for telling New York lovers to close the f*** up with a thumbs down, he cited his ardour. This incident might additionally match Randle changing into extraordinarily passionate within the warmth of opponents.

But it surely serves as nonetheless an extra visualization of Randle’s unbelievably discouraging interval (irritation seemingly exacerbated by commerce rumors).

Not that Knicks mentor Tom Thibodeau is dwelling on it.

Marc Berman of the New York Article:

“Computer systems are a part of the NBA” is an all-time citation.