How to Choose an Induction Cooker?

The induction cooker has many advantages. It is not only a good helper for housewives but also an important cooker for migrant workers. So, how should you choose an induction cooker?


  1. Generally use 1800-2000 watts of induction cooker products. If you need a better cooking function, you should use a product with at least 2000 watts. If the power of the wok is less than 1600 watts, the cooking effect will be slightly worse. See the following specific purchase instructions:
  2. Choose a well-known brand. All electrical appliances in life produce radiation, and induction cookers are no exception. Although the induction cooker itself has less radiation, choosing a high-quality induction cooker will better protect your safety.
  3. Appropriate power. To avoid unnecessary waste, choose an induction cooker that matches your family’s use. Like a general family of three, buying an 800-watt induction cooker can meet the requirements. If there are a large number of people, you can choose a high-power induction cooker with 1000W-2000W.
  4. The appearance of the furnace surface is smooth and undamaged. When purchasing, pay attention to the flatness of the furnace surface. If the furnace surface is convex, concave or one side is inclined, it will affect the normal generation of thermal efficiency.

Check it out yourself. When purchasing, you can turn the induction cooker over and shake to see if there are gaps and looseness between the fan blades and the shaft. 

And between the shaft and the bearing; after powering on, the motor should have no obvious noise or friction sound, and the rotation of the fan blades should be smooth without swing Rotate and wait. John Lewis Discount Code NHS

The texture of the top plate of the induction cooker is very important. Whether the magnetic force lines penetrate the top plate of the induction cooker is sufficient, which is directly reflected in the heating effect of the induction cooker on the pot.

Authorities in the induction cooker industry unanimously believe that “ceramic” is the best material for the top plate of the induction cooker.

The top plate of the induction cooker made of ceramics has good heat conduction effect, sufficient penetration of magnetic force lines, energy saving and money saving.

The control panel of the induction cooker is preferably flat and made of insulating and waterproof materials. The non-planar design of the induction cooker control panel uses metal buttons, which may easily cause water to enter the body and affect the service life of the induction cooker.

In severe cases, it will cause an electric shock to the user and endanger his life. Safety. Therefore, when we buy an induction cooker. 

We must pay attention to whether the top plate of the induction cooker is made of ceramics and whether the control panel is made of PTC insulating and waterproof material. In addition, whether the control panel is flat-designed is also very important.

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Induction cooker selection guide, how to buy a safe induction cooker

  1. As a household appliance that we often use, induction cooker has been recognized by everyone for its convenience, so there are many people who buy induction cooker, so how should we choose induction cooker products
  2. First of all, we have to check the appearance of the induction cooker to see if there is any scratch on the surface, to see if the power cord has passed the national 3c certification, and to see if the brand logo of the induction cooker is clear.
  3. If the logo of the induction cooker product produced by a regular manufacturer is definitely not It will be rough. Pay attention to the screws at the bottom of the induction cooker to see if there are any traces of being pried. If there are any, it is a refurbished induction cooker product, and the quality must not be guaranteed.
  4. You can check the radiation situation of the induction cooker, use the mobile phone to make a call, and at the same time turn on the induction cooker product, and check if there is any noise in the mobile phone call at a distance of one meter. If there is, the radiation of the induction cooker is relatively large.
  5. When purchasing induction cooker products, you must choose one with appropriate power. A family of three should not choose induction cooker products with higher power.
  6. Look at the after-sales service, whether there is a warranty period, the price of branded induction cooker products is more expensive, but wouldn’t it be better to buy a satisfactory induction cooker

The difference between commercial induction cooker and household induction cooker

This article describes in detail that the control keys of commercial induction cookers are inconvenient, the power is small, usually below 2KW, and 220V AC is converted into DC. 

The implementation method is simple, and the commercial induction cooker has stability and durability. AO NHS Discount


  1. Household induction cookers are usually frying pans, and the control keys are inconvenient. For chefs who are used to traditional round-bottomed pans and convenient control switches, cooking is extremely inconvenient. Commercial induction cookers have round bottoms, flat bottoms and other special-shaped pots. As long as there are traditional shapes, commercial induction cookers can basically realize them;
  2. The power of a household induction cooker is small, usually below 2KW, and 220V AC is converted into DC, and the realization method is simple. The power of a commercial induction cooker is usually around 3.5-35KW, or even higher. The heating rate is much faster than conventional commercial diesel and liquefied gas furnaces.
  3. All the pots and utensils of the household induction cooker are relatively thin, and it is difficult to control when cooking and frying food, causing the food to burn. The material selection and control mode of the commercial induction cooker are completely different from those of the domestic induction cooker. The thickness of some of the pots is thicker than that of the traditional cooker, and it is not easy to burn the food as quickly as the domestic induction cooker. Its control switch is convenient and sensitive and can be used with knees and hands, which is very convenient for the operation of force control.
  4. Commercial induction cookers are commercial products. It has the stability and durability unmatched by household induction cookers. Under normal use, it can work continuously for more than 10 years (100,000 hours).

What brand of induction cooker is good, and how to choose an induction cooker

Induction cooker has become a kitchen tool for tens of millions of families. Today I will share with you how to buy it and the precautions.

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