How to Charge An Apple Pencil?

Charge An Apple Pencil

Apple never fails to amaze us by introducing innovative devices and accessories. Whether it’s an AirTag or an Apple Pencil, Apple accessories always manage to set a new trend and provide users with unprecedented ease and convenience with their unbeatable features and practicality. 

However, with every new accessory comes a new mode of charging. Hence, it might get a little overwhelming and perplexing to figure it out. In this article, we’ve addressed your queries regarding how to charge apple pencil gen 1 & gen 2 and its variations in detail. 

Apple Pencil is a wireless stylus that is designed to assist you with magnificent features such as tilt detection, palm rejection and pressure sensitivity. It can be used for a wide range of activities on your iPad.

How To Charge An Apple Pencil First-Generation?

The two ways to charge the Apple Pencil 1 are listed below: 

Reverse Charging 

  • Remove the cap on the top of your Apple Pencil
  • Connect it into the charging port of your iPad.
  • Tap “Pair” and your pencil will start charging.
  • However, this method will drain the battery of your iPad or any other Apple device you’re connecting it to. 

Lightning Cable 

  • Remove the cap of the stylus 
  • Plug its lightning connector into the adapter on one side and the other, and connect it to a lightning cable. 
  • Click on “Pair” and you’re done. 

How To Charge An Apple Pencil Second-Generation? 

If you’re wondering how to charge apple pencil 2, then you’re at the right place. Apple has come with a variety of improvements with the Second Generation Apple Pencil. There’s no need to connect it to the stylus anymore. Rather you can charge your Apple Pencil 2 by magnetically snapping it to the side of your iPad. 

Moreover, Your Apple Pencil can be charged directly by using your iPad as a power source when placed on top of it in landscape mode. You’ll get a notification popup reminding you that your Apple Pencil is charging. You can also see its battery percentage in it. So, that’s how to charge apple pencil gen 2. 

However, one of the major drawbacks of an Apple Pencil 2 is that it is compatible with only selected iPad models. Also, you can’t charge it with a charging brick. 

How Can You Check the Charging Status on Apple Pencil? 

Sadly, there’s no way to see Apple First Generation Pencil’s powering status. However, if you have the Apple Pencil 2, here is a step-by-step guide to see if it is charging: 

  • On your Home screen, navigate the Today view menu by swiping from left to right.
  • Now, locate the pen icon in the Batteries section. 
  • If your Apple Pencil is on the charge, the battery icon will show up with a lightning bolt inside. 

Moreover, you can also add a Battery widget to your Home screen for easy access. However, you must enable your Bluetooth for both of these methods. 

To conclude, with newer inventions come new technicalities that might seem a little difficult to comprehend. However, once understood, it becomes quite straightforward. 

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