Google Launches New Silicon Design Portal For Open-Source Projects

Google Launches New Silicon Design Portal For Open-Source Projects

Google has been helping little open-source tasks get begun in chip fabrication with Google masking the charges and partnering with SkyWater Engineering utilizing their open-supply course of action design package (PDK). Although the chip producing is performed on a 130nm procedure (SKY130), this exertion has demonstrated to be a major achievement for open up-source components jobs with constrained funding and Google today announced a new silicon design portal.

The Google Open up MPW Shuttle Plan permits for anyone to submit open up-source integrated circuit types and to see it manufactured at no-cost although leveraging this open-supply PDK and other open up-source EDA tools. The 130nm production has also tested even now beneficial for prototyping IoT-like components&#13


Develop Custom made Silicon With Google, At Least For Open-Supply Designs

The Open MPW Shuttle Software has seen submissions ranging from the Microwatt OpenPOWER 64-bit main to RISC-V cores to Sudoku accelerators, components implementations of several video games, SRAM/ReRAM turbines, and other small ASICs.

Google lover Efabless has declared the “MPW-6” shuttle is accepting open-source projects for their subsequent spherical of producing and the submission deadline is 8 June.&#13

To enable in the open-supply silicon structure work, Google has launched their new style portal at Additional specifics on the effort and hard work via the Google Open up-Supply Site.