Container Side Loader: A Short Overview

Shipping containers do not just ship things anymore. These versatile and enormously durable cargo containers have become tremendously popular for many dry land applications and can be used for just about anything from storing your vehicles, even building a house.

However, on operating a shipping container–based business, transporting your containers to where your customers require them can be the most difficult part of the job. Sometimes, it can pose unnecessary risk on your personnel including your equipment.

This is especially true if they need to go where ships cannot. For this reason, many container businesses retain the services of a dedicated road transport company.

The transport companies that use side loader transport trucks are particularly well suited for container transport.

Important equipment

In the shipping industry, a Container Side Loader Gold Coast is one of the most important pieces of equipment. The side loader is composed of two side-lifting cranes that are mounted onto a trailer or a truck.

Side loaders are typically used in four different operations. These would include lifting cargo from/to ground level, transferring cargo from/to another chassis, stacking containers and in the road transport.

Side loaders and rear loaders

This is in contrast to rear loadingsystems(still used in many places)which is the method where the goods are loaded and unloaded on/from a transport vehicleon/off only via the rear.

Container side lifters (another name for side loaders) are used to transport, over long distances, standard containers. It is a sort of a semi-trailer that has been specialized or customized and is the type of container transfer equipment referred to as a container side loader.


The trailer chassis of one of these side lifters, has cranes or lift modules installed. They can also be fitted onto the truck-mounted subframe.

These modules are frequently made from proven, quality-high tensile steel. The need for superior strength capabilities requires the use of steel.

The other outstanding features of these lifters can be hydraulic controlled stabilizer jibs and leg. These are powered from an APU (auxiliary power unit) or a PTO (power take off). These lift modules are used to smoothly slide outwards or inwards for 45’, 40’, and 20’ positions.

One very important factor regarding these loaders is learning the specs, dimensions, and capacity of the container side lifter/loader that you will be using.

Container Side Loader types

These in-line models have been installed with lifting jibs and a stabilizer leg inline make up the conventional container side lifter.

Some models can have holders that are dual sided supplied together with leg over or dragger leg stabilizers. Based on the design of the chassis, these container side loaders can also be categorized as I-beam chassis and lattice chassis.

The design features contained within a side loader includes the remote control, chassis, the tractor/cab, chains, stabilizing legs, driving power unit and the lifting cranes.

Design considerations

The container side lifter trailers can vary depending on productivity gains. These can include flexible, fast, and safe container handling operations.

Ideally, every shipper’s goal is to have a competitive edge, increased profits, and reduction of transportation expenses. With the use of a side lifter trailer takes one’s existing capacity to safely and quickly move containers and increase it significantly.

These design considerations include some of the following: Payload carrying capabilities, workspace, control, stability and container transfer.


The use of container side loaders has a number of definite benefits. Many of the benefits depend on the use of the above-mentioned design considerations.

Some of the benefits include being able to use to transport more than just containers.

There is reduced operations cost, double stack the containers, the ability to transport any time, anywhere on most roads.

They are able to handle hazardous, valuable, and fragile cargo can be handled safely. There minimal maintenance requirements due to reliable equipment and tough construction.

The lifting operations don’t require excessive equipment or operators and there is marked increase in productivity and efficiency by allowing for movement of many containers per day.

Minimal costs on labor

These side loader transport trucks are uniquely suitable for container transport and delivery because of their in-built capabilities. The trailers are fitted with integrated cranes and outriggers that allow them to safely load or unload a cargo container in a matter of minutes.

Another crucial edge is that the procedure is largely automated and requires very little in the way of human manpower or oversight. Consequently, choosing side loader transportation can dramatically cut down on labor costs that normally to paying workers to manually unload your delivered containers.

Quick turnaround

The efficient automation of a side loader truck means they can both load and unload containers fast. This makes them an ideal choice if you require containers to be delivered promptly.

It also reduces downtime experienced due to lengthy loading and unloading procedures.

Unloading in tight spaces

Some container delivery companies use trucks equipped with tilt-tray trailers to transport and deliver their containers. While they are good enough for a number of purposes, they do have some disadvantages.

Also, besides being more difficult to load than side loader trailers, tilt-tray trailers also require significantly more space to safely unload their containers, driving forward while gently depositing the container by tilting the loading bed it rests on.

In contrast, a side loader truck can deposit a container in much more compact locations, as it deposits its container right next to the trailer and does not need to move anywhere during the unloading process.

This makes side loader transport particularly valuable if you are delivering containers to smaller locations in tight spaces.


Retaining the services of a professional side loader transportation company also allows you to benefit from all of the company’s experience and dedicated equipment. This ensures that your containers are delivered on time via the quickest routes available.

This can beconsiderably cheaper and easier than maintaining your own transportation fleet. It also means you don’t have to go to the (often crippling) expense of purchasing trucks and trailers for your own use

Owing to its many applications, a side loader container is one of the most versatile and effective pieces of container handling equipment.

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