Bhrigu Lake Trek: A Scenic Journey to a Pristine Alpine Lake. By Ankita Choudhury  


The Bhrigu Lake Trek is an enchanting expedition that offers trekkers the  opportunity to immerse themselves in the captivating beauty of the  Himalayan region. Nestled amidst towering peaks and verdant  meadows, Bhrigu Lake is a hidden gem that promises an unforgettable  adventure. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of the trek, from its  mesmerizing landscapes to practical tips for a successful journey. 

Bhrigu Lake Trek 

Located in the Kullu district of Himachal Pradesh, India, the Bhrigu Lake Trek is a relatively moderate trek that leads to the eponymous lake  situated at an elevation of approximately 4,300 meters (14,100 feet).  This alpine water body holds great significance in Hindu mythology, as it  is believed to be the meditation site of sage Bhrigu. The trek offers a  perfect blend of diverse terrains, including lush forests, alpine  meadows, and snow-clad trails, making it a favorite among both novice  and experienced trekkers. 

Enthralling Landscapes and Natural Beauty 

The trek commences from the quaint village of Gulaba, where the air is  filled with a sense of excitement and anticipation. As trekkers ascend,  they are greeted by dense forests of oak, pine, and fir, which provide a  refreshing escape from the bustle of everyday life. The trail gradually  opens up to lush meadows adorned with vibrant wildflowers during the  summer months. These meadows, such as Rola Kholi and Pandu Ropa, 

offer breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding mountains,  including the mighty Hanuman Tibba and Seven Sisters peaks. 

The Journey to Bhrigu Lake 

The trek is typically completed over a span of 4 to 5 days, covering a  distance of around 26 kilometers (16 miles). Trekkers can relish the  changing landscapes as they progress through the various stages of the  journey. 

Day 1: Gulaba to Rola Kholi 

The trek kicks off with a moderate ascent from Gulaba to the  picturesque Rola Kholi. The path winds through dense forests and  opens up to lush meadows, making for a gentle initiation into the  trekking experience. 

Day 2: Journey to Rola kholi 

One of the highlights of the journey, this day involves a steep climb to  Bhrigu Lake. Trekkers are rewarded with the sight of the pristine lake  cradled within a natural amphitheater of snow-capped peaks. After  spending time soaking in the beauty, trekkers descend back to Rola  Kholi. 

Day 3: Rola Kholi to Pandu Ropa 

The trail from Rola Kholi to Pandu Ropa offers a relatively easy walk  through alpine meadows. Trekkers can relish the serenity of the  surroundings and perhaps even spot some native Himalayan wildlife.

Day 4: Pandu Ropa to Gulaba 

The final leg of the trek takes trekkers back to the starting point,  Gulaba. This descent provides ample opportunities to reflect on the  journey’s accomplishments and take in the last glimpses of the  breathtaking landscapes. 

Tips for a Successful Trek 

  1. Physical Preparation: While the Bhrigu Lake Trek is considered  moderate, it’s essential to be physically prepared. Regular  cardiovascular and strength exercises can help build the stamina  required for the trek. 
  2. Weather Readiness: The weather in the Himalayas can be  unpredictable.The temperature drops significantly at higher  altitudes, so thermal wear is a must. 
  3. Hydration and Nutrition: Staying hydrated is crucial. Consume a  sufficient volume of water and energy-full snacks. Local cuisine  can also be enjoyed during the trek
  4. Altitude Acclimatization: Adequate acclimatization is vital to  prevent altitude sickness. Plan the trek itinerary with gradual  altitude gain to allow your body to adjust.
  5. Local Guidelines: Respect the local customs and guidelines. Avoid  littering and maintain the pristine beauty of the trekking trails. 


The Bhrigu Lake Trek is a symphony of natural beauty that rewards  trekkers with awe-inspiring vistas, serene meadows, and the chance to  connect with the Himalayan wilderness. As you embark on this scenic  journey, remember to cherish each step and take in the untouched  grandeur of the landscapes. Whether you’re a seasoned trekker or a  beginner seeking an unforgettable adventure, the Bhrigu Lake Trek  promises an experience that will leave an indelible mark on your heart  and soul.

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