Astrological Significance of the Red Coral in Hindu Mythology

Vedic astrology is the science of planets and their status in the universe linked with the birth of individuals and their fate. This position of stars is calculated according to your birth time and other aspects.

All these astrological planets are said to change their positions and so change your fate. It is believed that this can be positive as well as negative. To remove the negative effects of these planets, Gemstones which are found in the core of Earth are suggested by expert astrologers.

Particular Gemstones are connected to particular astrological planets, they have a long history and are significant in astrology for prophecy. Also, they have long bewitched humanity with their beauty and importance.

Nine gemstones are there which are considered the most powerful out of which one is Red Coral also known as Moonga, about which we will talk today.

The vibrant Red Coral Gemstone stands out from the others due to its rarity and stunning solid red color. Also, it’s unique because it is formed by the remains of marine creatures called coral polyps, rather than being mined.

Astrological Significance of Red Coral (Moonga) Stone

Red coral’s fineness and origin evoke associations with the ocean and the diverse life within it because of its typical solid tone without transparency. Because of this, this gemstone is well-known for the many advantages it offers its user.

As per the Vedic astrology, the red coral gemstone is extremely important and its significance is because this stone’s ruling planet is Mars. The two signs of the zodiac that are most advised to wear this gemstone are Aries and Scorpio.

The red coral stone is thought to connect its user with the powers of Mars, which deal with bravery, strength, and enthusiasm. Hence, people born under the mentioned zodiac signs are therefore known to develop these qualities by wearing a red coral.

Also, Moonga is so frequently used to eliminate the unfavorable effects of Mars from a person’s birth chart.

It will bring harmony and congruity into the wearer’s life and minimize the bad effects of Mars, such as aggression, lack of focus, and conflicts.

Therefore, by wearing red coral gemstone, people will experience an increase in confidence, strength, and the ability to overcome obstacles.

Benefits of Wearing Red Coral Gemstone

An original red coral has the power and energy to heal the wearer’s mental, emotional, and spiritual health. This stone has an impact on several real frameworks of life for the person who wears this gorgeous stone. The many benefits of red coral stone are as follows:

Physical Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

The red coral stone increases the wearer’s physical stamina and energy levels making the person more active and reducing their laziness. Also, most often, those who exhaust themselves effectively wear this stone because it gives them more energy to engage in proactive activities.

The health benefits of the red coral gemstone include improving blood flow in the body and getting rid of toxic substances. Indeed, it aids in stabilizing the heart, strengthening it, and regulating the pulse as well.

Additionally, the Moonga stone is beneficial for respiratory health. It also aids in the treatment of skin disorders like dermatitis.

Strengthening the bones, red coral is also known to promote their growth while supporting the skeletal system.

Spiritual & Emotional Benefits of Red Coral Gemstone

The red coral gemstone has incredibly profound benefits that will help you become more you. You will be more self-confident, also your self-esteem will rise. Plus, it will increase your self-awareness, assist you in self-evaluation, and taking wiser decisions by playing with your strengths.

This stone can help you overcome your doubts and low spirits so that you may move forward to fulfill your goal. For those who suffer from the negative impacts of anxiety and discouragement concerns, this stone is strongly advised.

Also, the Moonga will direct you spiritually and illuminates the path of spiritual illumination to the bearer.

Price of Red Coral (Moonga) Gemstone

The Red coral price in India starts from a good amount of INR 1000 per carat and goes up to INR 70,000 per carat as per today’s market value.

Red coral gemstones’ prices change depending on a number of factors including cut, clarity, color, carat, origin, and quality.


Red coral is a gemstone highly mystical,  beautiful, and vibrant. This red gemstone found in the depths of the ocean is well-known in enigmatic terms for the benefits it bestows on its wearer, whether they are material or spiritual.

The belief has it that this gemstone connects the user with the forces of the water. Hence it is widely worn by people to gain its numerous advantages.

Purchase a natural, authentic, and lab-certified red coral gemstone from the leading, reliable, and trustworthy gemstone company, Rashi Ratan Bhagya. There are a ton of loose gemstones available, such as Pearl, Moonstone, Emerald, Hessonite, Ruby, Yellow Sapphire, Blue Sapphire, Cat’s Eye, etc.

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