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The kitchen area is, without a doubt, one of the most popular areas in the house. From preparing food to entertaining guests, a lot of activities go on in just this area alone. For this reason, the kitchen area needs to be well equipped to handle all the stress that goes on in there and look fabulous at the same time.

Flooring for the kitchen area should be carefully considered, and a durable and stain-resistant product should be used in it. A good example of such a product is the Amtico LVT flooring. One of the major reasons we think this flooring type is highly suited for the kitchen area is its durability and stylish nature. Find out more about this flooring, as well as its important features and why it is a must-have for your home.

Why you need Amtico LVT flooring in your kitchen


With Amtico Flooring, you get a complete package. You get the combination of an alluring design palette, as well as the functionality of an efficient and good kitchen floor. Besides all these, the Amtico Flooring comes with its own array of beautiful and eye-catching finishes with sparkles and metallic effects. With the help of all these, you can create your own unique style by matching and mixing different patterns and giving your kitchen an edgy, classic or even contemporary look.

Warm underfoot

The range of LVT flooring of Amtico is warmer than other floorings like real wood flooring or even stone flooring. The flooring maintains a temperature that is regulated. You can make it warmer by increasing the heat on the home, or you can just leave it. Furthermore, it is very compatible with underfloor heating, which adds to a warmer and cosier environment. Either way, it means you do not have to worry about cold floors anymore, even during the winter season.

Impressive warranty

The Amtico Signature collection comes with an impressive warranty. With a limit of 35 years from the installation date, the floor can remain in the property if managed well and maintained properly. Like other flooring options, Amtico products always come with a long-term warranty period. This is proof that Amtico is sure of the products they bring to the market.

Easy cleaning

This is perhaps one of the most admirable properties of LVT flooring. It is easy to clean, which makes it ideal and a great choice for the kitchen area. Unlike the natural wood and stone flooring that requires special attention and treatment to keep the floor looking good, you do not have to worry about all these with the LVT flooring in the kitchen area. To keep the floor looking good, all you have to do is to sweep, vacuum gently, and mop occasionally.

Key collections of Amtico Flooring

There are three major collections in the Amtico Flooring, and each of these collections varies in different terms, ranging from style, thickness, and price. The collections include the following

Amtico signature collection

Inspired by the chance to create your own signature style, this collection has the thickest wear layer at 1.0 mm. This collection includes endless wood and stone choices that allow you to use your creative side to create your own unique style. You also have the choice of planks in different sizes. This allows you to create a unique pattern. Finally, the thickness of the wear layer is the reason why it has a lifetime warranty.

Amtico form

This newest collection has a thickness wear layer of 0.7mm, giving room for a textured appearance of real stone or wood. The special features havetheir uses; for example, the embossed texture adds depth and character in any area it is used, while the ceramic tiles provide great compliment when used in modern kitchens.

Amtico spacia

This pre-designed collection of LVT flooring comes in a choice of wood stone or abstract style. With a 0.55mm thick wear layer, there are different choices you can make to create a cool, contemporary or classic wood or stone tone. The 25-year warranty guarantees flooring that will last for years.

If you wish to find more flooring samples from Amtico, contact them directly or get across to our M-M carpet contractor. We will help you make a good choice for your kitchen flooring or your residential or commercial flooring. Get in touch with us today.

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