Adventure Riding Gears and Accessories: What You Need to Pack?

Exploring rough trails, discovering new places, and challenging the adventure-loving soul in you sounds great. Proper planning and preparation are important to ensure you have the most exciting time while off-roading and be safe. Before you go on an adventure riding trip, part of the planning process is to gather and pack all the correct gears and accessories you might need. This list of things to carry may include personal necessities, bike maintenance tools and emergency kits!

Before you accompany your riding community for the next thrilling ride, join us to make a list of all the gear and accessories you must take with you.

What to Pack for Your Next Adventure Riding Trip?

Let’s categorise the list into the following parts!

Riding Gears

Riding with certain gears is a legal mandate and a safety requirement. Here are some gears that you must have when you are adventuring!


Investing in a quality helmet is always recommended. Some helmets are specially designed to wear for adventure riding. The features can differ, so you should try out the helmets, check if you are comfortable and only then make the purchase. See if the visor peaks function as per your comfort. You can find helmets with removable visor peaks. These will have proper space for goggles. Besides, the helmet should allow proper ventilation.


These are for safety, comfort and also, style! A good pair of gloves will keep your hands protected and offer better grips. The gloves should be comfortable, breathable, and compatible with a touchscreen so that you don’t have to remove them each time you need to use your phone or other gadget. Summer and winter gloves are available. Pick a weather-appropriate pair. Regardless of the weather, waterproof material is a better choice.


Your foot and ankle provide tons of support while you ride your bike. They must receive quality protection too! You will find various types of boots in different sizes, heights, etc. The pair of boots you buy should provide maximum support to your ankle. It should be comfortable to wear. Tall boots are good for rough trails, covering your ankles from branches of trees, rocks and other hard surfaces. Again, keep the weather conditions in mind and stick to waterproof ones.

Basics for You

You will also need to pack the following things!


Riding jackets, pants, and suits are needed, and they can make you look quite stylish. Pack t-shirts, shocks, and undergarments too. Remember you will be taking breaks and rest from riding, especially when you are on longer tours. You must get out of the riding gear and wear something comfortable during these times. The types of clothing will depend on the destination and its weather conditions. If there is a chance of heavy rainfall, you won’t want to get stuck without rain jackets, suits, and other gear.

Food and Water

You may or may not get food and water where you are. The remote trails will not have many shops. Therefore, your luggage should have water and light food items. Pack light snacks, energy-boosting items, and quick and easy meals. There’s no need to pack multiple water bottles. You can refill the same bottles whenever you get the chance.

Wash and Hygiene Kit

Hotels and modern washroom facilities may not be a common side of your adventure tour. Therefore, pack a toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, cleanser, shaving kit, and sanitiser.

Tools for Your Bike

Any adventure bike like the BMW F 850 GS will need cleaning and maintenance, especially if there is dirt, sand, and mud. A small kit of cleaning items and a toolset for basic repairing and fixing should be on your packing list.

Camping Equipment

You may have to camp during the night times or during your breaks. So, put a tent, a sleeping bag, a foldable chair, a tiny stove, some pots and pans, and a torch in your luggage.

For Safety and Emergency

A first aid kit and some basic medicines are must-keep for medical emergencies. You will also need mobile phones, chargers, GPS trackers, and maps. Keep locks to keep your belongings safe. Your bike’s documents, insurance papers, and licence are also mandatory!


You must carry all you need; however, pack in low numbers. You don’t have to pack ten pairs when packing clothes for a long trip. You can carry three to four pairs and wash them whenever you can. Whether you have a BMW F 850 GS adventure bike or some other motorcycle, you must occasionally fuel up on your trip. Fill your tanks and carry some fuel containers if the next petrol pump is quite far. Generally, you can find shops nearby petrol pumps and refill your snack bag.

Rucksacks and backpacks come with different compartments. Nonetheless, feel free to pack things in separate storage bags. Keeping things organised will allow you to store many things, even in a tiny place. Also, you will not have to search through the whole luggage each time you want some item.

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