5 Must-Have Cotton Straight Kurtas for Women

Are you seeking a comfortable and stylish option to incorporate into your wardrobe? When it comes to comfort and style, nothing can beat the beauty of ethnic wear. There are many options to choose from when it comes to ethnic wear for any occasion or daily wear. 

For example, how would you like to add a straight kurta for women to your wardrobe? There are not only one but many types of straight kurta designs and patterns you can add for a chic look. This versatile piece of clothing has become a wardrobe staple for women of all ages. 

From plain, bold colours to aesthetically pleasing patterns, you can find what suits your personality the best. A straight kurta looks perfect after adding accessories, and a dupatta is added to the kurta piece. This blog post tells you you must have cotton straight kurtas for your wardrobe.  

Here are the five must-have straight kurtas for your wardrobe 

1. Classic White Cotton Kurta

White has always been our colour because there are so many ways to style the colour by adding a colourful dupatta or accessories, adding a touch of elegance and aesthetic to your outfit. A classic white cotton kurta is a wardrobe essential for every woman. And the best part about a straight kurta is its versatility; style it with jeans or leggings. Complete the look by adding accessories or a dupatta. Therefore, one can dress this versatile piece up or down, depending on the occasion; the classic white cotton kurta is a timeless choice that never goes out of style.

2. Vibrant Printed Kurta

Vibrant colours look best when added to your wardrobe. One can add a pop of colour to their collection of ethnic wear by adding prints like floral, geometric, or abstract. And these kurtas ideally add a touch of sophistication and playfulness to your ensemble. Therefore, pair them with solid-coloured bottoms and minimal accessories, or just a pair of earrings, highlighting the prints and making you the center of attention. 

3. Pastel-hued Kurta

Opt for a pastel-hued cotton kurta for a soft and feminine look in your cotton straight kurta. These kurtas range in delicate shades such as blush pink, mint green, and baby blue, exuding the elegance and grace of your outfit. Pair them with white or cream-coloured bottoms for a fresh and sophisticated outfit. Finally, add a little more flair with simple jewellery pieces.

4. Block Printed Kurta

A block-printed kurta adds a traditional touch to your outfit. They are the right way to go when adding a straight kurta. Add matching bottoms and a dupatta to your outfit for a complete ethnic look. Also, ethnic wear is the best way to add sophistication to your personality and prepare for any party or a momentous occasion. Whether it’s paisley, floral, or abstract motifs, block-printed kurtas perfectly blend tradition and style by Myscs.

5. Striped Kurta

Striped straight kurtas for women never go out of style because they are loved by every woman out there. In fast-moving fashion, having a striped kurta is essential for your wardrobe. Whether it’s vertical, horizontal, or chevron stripes, these kurtas add a touch of sophistication and give an illusion of length to your silhouette. Pair them with solid-coloured bottoms for a trendy look. Add some different shapes of earrings or a statement necklace to your outfit for an elegant look that brings out the ethnicity of your outfit. 


The must-have cotton straight kurtas for women is essential to any wardrobe. These kurtas are perfect for any occasion with their comfortable fit, breathable fabric, and versatile styling options. Whether heading to work, attending a casual gathering, or running errands, these kurtas will keep you looking effortlessly chic and comfortable all day long. Their timeless appeal and ability to be paired with various bottoms and accessories make them a go-to choice for every fashion-forward woman. So, make sure to take advantage of these must-have cotton straight kurtas that combine style and comfort in the most elegant way possible.

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