4/20 Gift Guide: The Best Weed Gadgets and Cannabis Gear

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About two-thirds of Americans want recreational marijuana legalized on a federal level, according to a poll that was auspiciously released today. With cannabis having been legalized for either recreational or medical in 37 states across the US, the formerly hush-hush holiday held on April 20 — more commonly known as “4/20” — is now being celebrated much more openly. 

Along with pot’s recent dalliance with the mainstream come some pretty nifty gadgets and accessories for smoking, vaping and storing your stash. In honor of 4/20, we’ve rounded up the best herbal hardware to make your 4/20 the dopest yet. 

What is 4/20 and where did it come from?

The origins of how 4:20, the time of day, and later the date 4/20, became secret code for cannabis consumers began 50 years ago. Five friends started meeting every day at 4:20 p.m. to hunt for a rumored grow patch of the magic grass that had been abandoned somewhere in Marin County, California. They never did find it, but the rest is history. 

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Is it legal to buy weed paraphernalia online?

With cannabis hitting the mainstream via a flurry of legislation some pretty nifty paraphernalia now exists for the partakers out there. Buying marijuana online is not legal but cannabis accessories such as the ones on our list which contain no actual THC, or are all legal to purchase. Whether it’s a safe place to stash your green or a pretty piece of glassware to light it up, these are some of the best weed accessories and pot gifts to give yourself or a cannabis lover in your life.

Editors’ note: While cannabis has been legalized for medical and even recreational use in some states, marijuana and products containing THC are still a Schedule I drug in others. Always exercise caution and judgment when consuming cannabis or any other controlled substance.


This showstopper of a hookah has myriad uses that go beyond cannabis. It functions as a 360-degree rotating glass hookah delivering the smoothest hits imaginable, but you can purchase a beverage cloche ($120) to infuse cocktails with smoke from cherry wood or rich pecan. It’s a fun party trick for the serious mixologist that’s elegantly designed and simple to set up. 

The Gravity Hookah set includes an aluminum hookah bowl kit and a glass bowl, but can also connect to other smoking or vaporization devices. 


While we’re certainly not advocating taking your supplies anywhere they aren’t allowed, you still might want to keep the odor under wraps, both at home and on the go. Firedog’s smell-proof bags do just that and are crafted from leather and lined with premium activated carbon and filtering nonwoven fabric.


If you prefer to consume your cannabis flower the old-fashioned way — not in oil or edible form — but don’t love the harsh smoke, this stylish and sophisticated vape pen delivers incredibly clean hits that maintain the herbal flavor. The G Pen is engineered with a patented clean air intake along with convection and conduction dual heater technology. A handy built-in pick tool can be used to pack the chamber and clear the oven.

For something a bit more discrete (and budget-friendly) but big on style, Vessel’s Helix one-hitter is a solid pick for someone who smokes cannabis flower. The double-helix design cools each hit and it’s engineered to hold debris build-up that acts as a filter for less debris. This pure brass compact pipe is also very easy on the eyes.


This face oil is derived from cannabis and helps visibly reduce skin redness and provides skin with relief from discomfort while promoting hydration. 

Edie Parker

For an old-school device that’s easy on the eyes, Edie Parker makes cannabis contraptions that double as works of art. I personally love this charming cherry glass pipe but there is a melange of fruits to choose from.


This more modestly priced vape allows you to personalize your dose down to the milligram so you don’t get too much — or too little, for that matter. The Mode is the first device to add such precise personalization in dosing. Pax’s Era Pro vape pen has preselected dose settings you can pick from, but it only works with Pax’s proprietary pods.


If you’re more of an edibles type and you’re planning to make your own at home, you’ll need molds. These honey bee molds will add some charm to your next batch of THC gummies or chocolates. If honeycomb isn’t your vibe, Etsy has seemingly endless options of molds to sort through.


From the people who brought us Poo-Pourri, comes this blend of essential oils is designed to eliminate the smell of pot smoke in the air and on clothing. Just spritz a few times in the room or directly onto fabrics after consumption. 


THC infusions are all the rage, especially among those who don’t like to inhale smoke. This nifty Levo infuser allows you to make oil, butter, honey and other concoctions laced with any herb of your choosing. Use the Levo to make herb butters, floral oils for soap and any number of THC confections to cure what ails you.

OG Otto

If it’s perfectly rolled marijuana cigarettes you covet, the OG Otto cone roller will deliver them every time and save you money on the more expensive pre-rolled variety. The Otto’s patented AI milling system analyzes your material and automatically adjusts the direction, speed and pressure of its precision blades to create the perfect grind every time. Then it drops the grinds into a cone loader for the perfect roll-up.

Banana Brothers

Getting a filter to sit nicely can be tricky but a filter holder like this one makes it easy. This device works with Banana Brothers’ charcoal-activated filters that cool the smoke and preserve the flavor.

Cool Knight

An herb grinder is good to have around for culinary purposes, but it’s also handy for getting cannabis finely ground and ready for consumption.


AeroGarden may not advertise its indoor pod gardens for growing cannabis, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be done. The garden’s built-in LED grow lights and self-watering system (both of which function on timers) will keep your plants healthy and growing. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to hack your AeroGarden to grow cannabis at home. 

Note that cannabis should only ever be grown at home in states and regions where it is legal to do so.

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